Manicuring Course Description

400 Hours

State Board of Cosmetology approved curriculum in preparation for the State Board Examination.  This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the license. New techniques in manicuring are taught to set you apart in the beauty industry. 

Part Time: Tues - Thurs:  5:00pm  - 10:00pm ​

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A Historic look into Manicuring

The word manicure comes from the latin language "manus" (hand) and "cura" (care).  Manicuring was evident as far back as 3,000 years BC in Egypt and in China.  Ancient Egyptians and Kings and Queens of these faraway lands would stain, paint, and prepare their nails for rituals and battle.  Manicures were a luxury enjoyed only by royalty and the very wealthy.

​In the 21st century, these services are enjoyed by many in all types of economic and social settings.  Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of regular manicuring treatments and services.  This has become a booming industry not only for the nail technician but for the manufacturers of products and for the business aspects.

​Education is key to becoming a successful nail technician in today's world.  You, too, can study hard and learn all the necessary skills needed to succeed in the growing industry.​You career awaits!!!

Become a professional nail technician!

What is a Manicurist?

A manicurist is a skilled technician who is able to provide services to maintain the natural health of the hands, feet, and nails.  A manicurist is very focused on the proper health of the nails and on the proper applications of the newest and best nail treatments and enhancements available to the clients.

​This is one of the fastest growing professions in cosmetology today.

​You will know how to identify healthy skin and nails as well as perform services in the applications of proper nail maintenance and enhancements

Information was taken from the Milady Standard Cosemetology Textbook 2012 Edition



 Milady Standard Nail Technology Textbook 6th Edition

Join the exciting  field of manicuring!

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